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“noon fiftneen, 12:15…”

The voice of the Lord echoing in my ear for the first hour of the all-day Propel conference finally had me sit down and wrestle to understand what in the world He was talking about. What do you do when God speaks to you, especially when it’s in numbers? Google the scriptures for it, of course.

But nothing. 

Okay, there is always something in scripture, but the Holy Spirit peace I was looking for didn’t come then. As I began to listen and just rest in the presence of the Lord in this random church in Oklahoma, He started to break out for me what would one-day be called Noon Fiftn Devotionals.

Over the past few years I have wrestled with my calling. Yes, I was called to preach, teach, and speak. Yes, I am called to minister to the broken-hearted and share my story of redemption to whoever and whenever God leads. Yes, I am called to the workplace to work under the authority of the world, but in the power of the Holy Spirit – wait, what? 

Yeah, I know the last one is hard to take in – well, at least it was for me. The questions of how, why, what, and even a few WTF’s (legalistic-minds, y’all might want to go ahead and stop reading now) have crossed my mind and even entered into my quiet (not-so-quiet with me most times) times with the Lord.

So, what in the heck was God wanting me to do? 

And this is how I entered that aforementioned conference – desperate to hear from God on how am I supposed to do this, why me, and what in the world would I personally be able to do to influence this world He had called me to inhabit.

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Image by: Katie Faith Photography

And that is where it all came together. The birth of Noon Fiftn Devotionals was on November 14th, 2015 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

The heart behind this devotional isn’t to just send another email to fill a never-ending inbox of messages, but to be the one email that is full of light, love, encouragement, joy, understanding, and partnership. I love to write and I love to encourage, and though the corporate world makes it a little hard to do this vocally – I will do it digitally.

My prayer in this is that God would be seen, heard, and that His heart for His kids fighting daily to live a life of integrity, kindness, confidence, leadership, joy, and discipline would be felt, and through this – they each would be encouraged to stay steadfast, equipped with a timely word, and be liberated from the pressure of doing it alone.

I want so much of my life to be a testament to His faithfulness and to forever echo that the God I serve never has given up on me – not even in the cubicles, offices, conference rooms, and even bathrooms where I have had to seek Him to just get through the next hour. He has been so faithful to fill me with encouragement to trust that His ways are higher and His love is greater than any oppression the Enemy could ever put on, around, or before me.

And that is why I write to you –  my community. My peeps. You have walked with me through the good, bad, ugly, and lovely. And today, I ask you to walk alongside me in prayer for this next season. Or maybe even next to me as you feel the need to subscribe and be apart of the Noon Fiftn family. Or maybe even, you know someone in the workplace who could use a little bit of sunshine a couple times a week – I pray you pass the website along and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

I am so overwhelmed and elated that the Lord would entrust this vision, this calling, and these soon-to-be hearts to me in the official launch of Noon Fiftn Devotionals.

Let’s do this.




p.s. in an effort to give full credit where credit is due – I want to take a moment to thank Caleb Alba and Katie Faith Photography for their help, belief, and super amazing expert skills in design and photography. I am honored to know such talented people and even more humbled that you would bless me with your gifts and time. May you each know how thankful I am to you both. 




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