here we go 2018

2017 was a year i’ll never forget. one with heartache and strength. one that brought stability and change all in one. i learned to love myself, forgive myself and push myself further and harder than ever before. 2017 started off a year with a big “YES” to myself. to stop trying to prove and start enjoying […]

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i love you for free

i’ve thought long and hard about this post. about how it might look if i post it publicly. and i never knew when the right time might be, but earlier today – i realized it was time. i pray as you read this post, you are encouraged to know… you are not alone you are […]

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i’ll be okay without you

getting older is beautiful and painful all in one. years pass and you realize all of which who you’re becoming and who you’re leaving behind – in more ways than just one. you find yourself looking back, somehow slightly feeling bad for looking forward at what is ahead. i recently turned 29. meaning yes, i’m less […]

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fighting perfect with grace

look this way. act this way. be this way. don’t look like  him or her. don’t act like them. don’t be this or that. constant questions driven by media and society lead us all to think who and what we are is not right and should be changed – at all times. the influx of […]

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unqualified x 28

nothing about what i write from this moment on is what i ever expected to share in my blog. it’s personal vulnerable and shines a light on a lot of things you don’t (and won’t after this) hear me mention much. my weaknesses.  i’m a naturally positive and upbeat person. i don’t do well in […]

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for the one

i’m white and blonde. Texan and American. privileged. not rich, but definitely not poor. but as they say, i was born this way. and it’s true. it really is. i didn’t ask to be white. i didn’t ask to have curly hair, a mole on my nose or a pinky toe that is actually a triangle […]

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scarred journey home

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” – Brene Brown quite a few years back i was at a women’s event where a woman had a very large blanket strung up and turned around backwards. the back was messy, chaotic, not very attractive, and […]

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