two months later

“Jessica, I wanted to call and let you know that we have sent your offer up to the financial department. I will have it in writing within 48 hours…” it was exactly two months to the day that I got let go from DRH that I received the voicemail above. who knew that two months […]

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it’s a word that holds so much weight for each of us. a word that consistently gives identity, drives motivation, encourages security, provides financially, motivates internally, and stretches through generations. our mothers are such significant influences in our lives that many of us never can fully articulate what they truly mean to us. My mom […]

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this wasn’t the plan

how many times have you thought this? ‘this wasn’t the plan, God?’ it’s amazing to me that still – even after at least 4-5 years of being ‘sold out for Christ‘ as you would call it – that I still struggle with asking this question. But isn’t it crazy? Our whole life we’re taught to […]

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