Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The Starbucks line is now stretched outside of the building, the parking lots are just getting fuller, and the children are basically running (falling) alongside their parents hustling from store to store trying to finish up that never-ending Christmas shopping list. It’s the busiest time of the year – and everyone is fully aware of it. As […]

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You asked me to write you something for your birthday and though that’s still a month away – it seemed like I could get a head start. As I sit here beside you and watch you sleep after a couple days of ice chips, cutting up apples, and helping you walk and stand and sit […]

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I’m Already In Love

“And the fear of falling in love with somebody – I realized – is itself already silent love.” – Unknown You see as a 26 year old (happily) single woman, I get the questions constantly… “How are you still single?” “Oh, is it a date?” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Don’t you want to date?” […]

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