to 2 0 1 5 and beyond

you can’t imagine what you’re life will look like in a year. so many things change – either by ending or beginning. you look at what you thought it would be, and you realize – it’s nothing of the sort.

i couldn’t wait to end 2014. a year of pain and consistent heartache was enough to have me skydiving into 2015. the year of promise and covenant. the year when God would turn the painful pruning, to the continued sowing, to prepare for the harvest.

every year – for the past four to five – i have written a blog to finish out the year. and it has become such a beckoning of the Holy Spirit to rest on me as i enter into this new, fresh, beginning called the new year.

2013 – year of change

2014 – year of fulfillment and expectation

2015 – year of promise and covenant 

2016 – year of transformation and obedience 

if you look at my last few years, you can see the process of growth and maturity God has been taking me through. things in my life had to be let go of, once and for all, for full transformation to take place.

and that is what 2016 will be – a year where the caterpillar of my heart becomes the butterfly. where what seemed like a wasteful season, will be fully seen as one of preparation – where i gained every single spot that will be on my wings as i fly through my destiny. as corny and cliche as that sounds, i know what I have had to do to earn every single spot. the tears shed, the sleepless nights, the unlit homes, the heartbreak and the knuckle-down faith that at some points felt like was breaking me into a million pieces. all of those moments made me into the victorious, beautiful, valiant, warrior of a woman that walks into 2016.

one who didn’t do it alone. but one who never gave up. one who believed that if she could do it, if God could be made visible in her life – maybe, just maybe, others could be set free to the live the life God had destined for them. and you know what, that girl is here – today, fighting for the “goodness of the Lord in the living” that beckons her at the ringing of the new year. she’s finally ready to receive her wings and fully fly into the destiny that God has always intended for her.

so, in an effort to honor 2015 and the beauty of God to redeem and restore 2014 – i do what i do best. i honor it for what it was – the rebuilding of me.

to 2015,

thank you for the days and nights where you brought me so much joy. thank you for the days where you made me feel like i couldn’t have dreamed this life up on my own. thank you for the countless ways you were a year to be called one of rebuilding, provisional miracles, and supernatural redemption. you were witness to more internal processing and growth than any years prior. you saw me at my worst and have seen me become someone to be proud of. someone who can be vulnerable with boundaries for the sake of healthy community. the woman who can be alone and content, but alongside another and secure. this year was filled with lows and highs, but so many more highs than 2014 – and for that, i am so grateful. i walk into 2016 not afraid of the unknown, but captivated by the God who holds it all. the One who daily, moment-by-moment pursues my heart to know His more. 

you were a beautiful year filled with outstanding memories, beautiful people, and exceptional moments of awakening. you set the standard high for 2016 – and for that, i am forever grateful to have lived through this year. 

and to the year that is to come. the year of transformation and obedience – may this word resonate with me throughout the year. may the Holy Spirit fill me, and you if you are still reading, with a promise of transformation and an anointing to obey when and wherever He calls. oh what a year 2016 will be if only I can obey and be able to receive the transformations that He is so able to freely give.

to 2016,

never in my life have i ever been more excited for a year. a year to receive the redemption, renewal, and reclaiming of the year of the Lord’s favor. i have no doubt this will be one of, if not the most, memorable years of my life. a year where the ashes of my life are no longer even lingering in the air, but pure beauty has found its way into every area of my life. i speak into things unseen. doors of opportunities unknown. i speak to things involving writing and teaching and speaking. i speak to new love, new friendships, and family reconciliation. i speak miracles into being, provisional supernatural giftings, and Peter-like faith to walk on the water of my days. may my eyes never leave those of my Fathers’. may divine opportunities come without my lifting a finger to type an email or pick up the phone, all to give glory to God in all things. may all 365 days be filled with intimacy with the Father that is unwavering to circumstance – but may my heart be swept up in His love and the covenant that we share. may the disciplines within finances and health only increase in ease, but yet never become an idol. may the relationships i meet at the Dallas campus be filled with joy and hope. may my story bring hope and joy to many, and may my mouth never grow weary to singing His praises in my life. most of all – may 2016 be a year where i let go and fully let my Abba Father take care of me. may i just be okay with being with Him. no matter the day or time, may my heart be open to the unctions of the Holy Spirit and every second of every day of 2016 may i be filled with love and compassion for all i meet. may grace upon grace rain down and kindness be laced in my words, thoughts, and actions. 

may 2016 be the year where the caterpillar  – who never felt like she would make it – is able to look into the mirror and see the beautiful, majestic butterfly that peers back in her reflection. and may that confidence never leave her. 

to 2015 – thank you.

to beyond – i can’t wait to see what you bring. 


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