What Miranda & Cam Taught Me

The incredibly smart and wise Dr. Seuss said this..“sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

I would say that sums up this season. All the questions, all the time. They float through my head from sun up to sundown. And most of them, the answers are simple. They range from 1-2 words, usually at their max.



Hell No.

Just Do It.

Not Yet. 

Though simple to say, type, and frankly come to – these solutions are at most times the hardest to walk out. Anyone saying “amen” yet? I find myself trying to make every question/situation more complicated by adding “what ifs” or “how bouts” or “when this” to the conversation in my head.

“No need to give a bunch of lame half-assed excuses
Why, this ain’t love, I’m blonde but I ain’t stupid
I wasn’t looking for a ring, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting
When you cut and run so soon
Good luck, so long
I guess I better get to leavin’ too.” Cam

How does this have anything to do with Miranda and Cam? Well, this last weekend I realized it. Not the answers to all the questions at hand – but why I was adding the phrases…

I care too much about what people think.

Another amen? Yeah, I know – it’s true for most of us. And even though some would say I’m a pretty confident person (and I would agree with them), sometimes fear of man takes a hold of me. It does so much so that I lose grip of what I was even asking in the first place – or worse, why I was asking it. My purpose get’s distorted, therefore my decisions start to waver towards people-pleasing, rather than God-pleasing because I have put such an effort into making sure these “people” are “satisfied” with who I am, what I look like, what I do, and how I do it.

Even typing that makes me sick to my stomach.

Jon Bloom says this..”the person(s) to whom we ascribe most authority — to define who we are, what we’re worth, what we should do, and how we should do it — is the person(s) we fear the most, because it is the person(s) whose approval we want most.”

This got me good. Honestly, this whole blog did. But it’s right there – whose approval we want most. And that’s the root of every “what if” or “how bout” or “when this” – these are all wrapped with the need for approval in them all.

And around this time is where Miranda and Cam make their entrance… as I sat there (well stood, swayed, danced, etc.) this past weekend and listened as Cam and Miranda sang their hearts out. With every song they showed me something new. Something tangible. Something within reach.

Freedom to be.

“I’m against the doc
Letting good tomatoes rott
Being someone that you’re not, when you’re not
Well I guess I’m anti-hate
Cause that ain’t what it takes
It’s love that makes this crazy world go round.” Miranda Lambert

They sang about everything from pink sunglasses to Fireball Whiskey, to heartache, love, good ‘ol country music, and more than anything – about the rise that comes after the fall.

These women – they chose their dreams over their fears. They chose to embrace their hurt rather than despise it. Chose to not get stuck, but use their potholes to as stepping stones (to them, it was lyrics). And my favorite part – to the masses in front of them, their fame was only a distant thought when that camera took a close-up to their face and you saw it – understanding. Their eyes glistened with genuine emotion to the crowd before them as they did the best they could with a mic and guitar to say the only thing they came to say “me too.”

In those moments, they weren’t celebrities to me – they were women who’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt and choose to use their gift to encourage others to dust off their boots, guitars or whatever gift they’ve been given to to move forward. Move on. Move into. Move beyond – just like them.

And like me, they talked through their struggles (and somewhat sang through them) with the need to gain approval and the constant pressure to prove and/or justify who they are, what they do, and where they believe their going. But what they didn’t realize – is though they were talking to us about it, they were helping teach us to conquer it. Not by letting the naysayers win – but by singing through the fear anyway.

It was a weekend of a lot of sun, country music, some beer-drinkin  and a whole lot of listening and embracing. And with every soulful tune, I started seeing a bit more of me in them. A little less of the girl who cared what people thought to a fault, and a bit more of a woman growing in the freedom to be and most of all, to become.

Thanks, Miranda Lambert and Cam for your hearts, your vulnerability, and your gift.


a fellow country girl who’s making a comeback

“Now some point the finger, let ignorance linger
If they’d look in the mirror they’d find
That ever since the beginning to keep the world spinning
It takes all kinds of kinds
All kinds of kinds
All kinds of kinds”


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