Dear Future Me…

Dear Future Me…

I hope you start off reading this with pride in your heart and a skip in your step. You made it. You might not feel like you have yet, but you have.


I prayed for you to get where you are. I dreamed, wished, chanted, screamed and went through a few tear-stained pillow cases so that you could get where you are.

I hope you’ve finally realized that what people think doesn’t matter too much. Besides mom – what she thinks will ALWAYS matter.

I hope you’ve spent less minutes on worrying and in fear of what others think of you, say about you, don’t say about you than I have. I hope you’ve gossiped less and encouraged more. I hope you’ve grown to see people more through how God sees them, than your past, your hurt, or your naive-ness does.

I hope that you’ve spoken up when fear begged you to be silent. I hope you’ve spoken to as many women as possible about identity, purpose, worth and the amazing power of God’s redemption. I hope as much as you’ve told women how beautiful, worthy, loving, and powerful they are that you believe it more for yourself now, too.

I hope you’ve realized that what men did to you doesn’t equate to how one day your man will treat you.

I hope you’ve danced in the rain, ran a few more miles, wrote a few more blogs – and oh yeah, did we publish that book? Or maybe even, by now God’s given an idea for two – so TWO published books? Now wouldn’t that be something to write home about.

I hope you’ve laughed until you cried and even hard enough that you almost wet yourself (hilarious). I hope you’ve danced to hundreds more country songs, and by now – a few less in a bar and a few more in a living room.

I hope you’ve traveled to places in the states and beyond. I hope you let go of the ideal that you’re less than because you have student loan debt, therefore you stop doing, stop going – stop living. And with that, I hope you’ve realized even more that Starbucks really isn’t that good….okay, okay a stretch, I get it. But I do hope you’ve learned the value and honor in obedience and stewardship and the joy that brings to the Father’s heart.

I hope you’ve sent Mom flowers a few times and even, successfully surprised her at least once. I hope you’ve FaceTimed Jenn at least twice and while doing so, got a few blackmail photos in the process.

I hope you’ve stopped letting your past dictate what you feel you deserve in your future.

I hope you’ve watched Titanic all the way through at least once, Beaches at least twice, and a thousand more episodes on Golden Girls. And with that, you’ve consumed more Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch than you ever could image. Buuuuttttt….also, I hope you’re about 20 pounds lighter, because just saying – #dimlights.

I hope you’ve been to Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon by now. (Seriously…I’m really banking on these.) And I hope you’ve loved every minute of every wedding you’ve been apart of and in that, you finally gave away all the bridesmaid dresses. I hope you’ve held so many of your friend’s babies and by now, attended multiple birthday parties.

And though a list like this could probably go on forever, I hope you’ve realized that this life doesn’t. And because of that, you’ve gotten over your weird fear of physical touch and hugged all you love every time you see them. And though you may have lost people you’ve loved by now, that the ones near to you always know how much you appreciate them, adore them, are thankful for them, and most of all – are rooting for them to succeed. I hope you’ve learned to celebrate others so well.

I hope you’ve shown up to as many parties as possible and left as late as possible just because you’ve learned that this life is truly better lived than wasted. And in that, though you’re a doer, that you’ve finally learned what it’s like just to…be. And be okay with that and who you are in that.

So, as blunt and abrupt as possible – go BE. Be happy. Be loved. Be loving. Be filled. Be joyous. Be spontaneous. And most of all…be YOU; the fine wine version.

Cheers to us – it’s only up from here…


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