time to be bold

boldness; is the opposite of fearfulness. To be bold implies a willingness to get things done despite risks

wow. that alone could preach, am i right? 

who doesn’t want to be known as bold? David with Goliath. Moses with the Red Sea. Jack in Titanic.

we all want to be known as bold. but paying the price for boldness is where we all get stuck.

View More: http://katiefaithphoto.pass.us/jessicaeditorial2the uncomfortable place of preparation that creates this thing called boldness inside of us before it can be released through of us into something outside of us – we just don’t want to go through it.

the risky, scary, unknown parts of the journey that keep us from moving forward, but yet staying left behind. behind not in comparison to others – because honestly, moving forward in the journey would be against the grain rather than in it.

what’s that scripture? “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:14

oh yeah…that’s it. few find it. 

this past week i had strep throat over thanksgiving. yeah, i know. God’s way of keeping me from gaining a ton of weight and slowing me down – nice move, JC. but anyways, i digress…

one night i had a chance to just sit and talk to Jesus for a few hours. and what i came away with was this revelation.

boldness isn’t something to be afraid of. it’s something to go after. bold people become bold by doing bold things. meaning, at one point, they weren’t “bold” – they had to take that first risk. make that first move. do the first impossible thing.

boldness is something acquired. something earned. not something innately given.

so you’re reading this and you’re like, yeah Jess – we get it. i’m not naturally bold. but we all long to be bold. so what next?

good question.

what is it that God’s been telling you to do, and you just aren’t? because of x, y, or z. or better yet, what are you doing that God has asked you to stop doing?

is our energy towards the bold move or towards all the easy ones?

is our heart motivated by the quick and easy affirmation – or the long seasons of obscurity?

is our mind feeding us thoughts of faith or fear – authority or timidness?

again, it’s starts with that first bold move. that first step of obedience into something that to you (to us) seems hard, seems impossible, is unnerving, and definitely is more than uncomfortable.

boldness isn’t born in comfort. 

and to be honest? that’s all i’ve been the last 6 months. comfortable. trying to ‘lay low’ for a bit. doing my best to stay under the radar, so honestly – i didn’t have to try. my whole life i’ve had to find a way to fight. to step it up. to do something, because i couldn’t expect anyone else to do it for me. and honestly? because i got scared – i got entitled and i got lazy. i let hurt and pain exhaust the life given and bought for me through the blood of Jesus. i let unmet expectations rule my heart, mind, soul, and body. i let people’s lack of belief in me, produce unbelief around me. and mostly, i became the woman i never wanted to be…

the one who gave up. the one who just got by. the one let fear have the final say on more days than i’m proud of.

but not anymore.

though fears may come and i  might still have days that end less productive than i would like, it won’t be the same. the revelation the Lord gave me this past week is one that shifted something internally and has already taken effect through external actions.

i don’t know what all the Lord is calling me to be ‘bold’ for in my lifetime, but for now? he’s calling me to be bold in the practice of boldness, bold in the faith to believe He’ll do what He said He’ll do, bold in giving and receiving love, bold in my pursuit for the opportunities He’s given me, bold in the preparation of my calling, and finally – bold in my unashamed love for Him.

i don’t know why you’ve read this far. maybe because you know me and love me or maybe, maybe God’s ushering boldness out of me and into you right this very moment.

i believe in the power of boldness and what it can do for someone when someone else walks that narrow road. 100 people may read this blog, but maybe only 1 walks forward and does something bold. and to that 1 – know though you may feel alone – you’re not. know that i’m on that journey with you. learning how to do the next, first bold move. and then hopefully, the next one after that.

all i know is…it’s time.

“Boldness be my friend.” –William Shakespeare

“Prayer in private results in boldness in public.” -Edwin Louis Cole

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” -W. H. Murray


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