it’s a word that holds so much weight for each of us. a word that consistently gives identity, drives motivation, encourages security, provides financially, motivates internally, and stretches through generations.

our mothers are such significant influences in our lives that many of us never can fully articulate what they truly mean to us.

My mom was a teacher for 30+ years and though she taught passionately, it was how she led with authority that I believe significantly changed how I saw myself.


She taught at my 2A high school and though my peers and myself were not Harvard qualifiers or Olympic athletes or Steve Jobs entrepreneurs – well not yet at least, she treated every single student as if they were hers, which meant believing that if they wanted to do any of the above, they could.

It was and is this woman, Kay Pittman, that inspires me daily to not give up, to push past the past, to believe in the God of the impossible, and to trust in the power of steadfast hope.

In a world driven by things and physical beauty, my mom taught me how to see past those things and into hearts. Whether she knows it or not, a huge portion of my passion for women’s ministry is driven by my admiration of her life.

I desire all women to know – whether they had a Momma Kay or not – that they are fully capable, extremely valuable, and exceptionally beautiful.

Mother’s Day is a beautiful day of love and kindness and for a day, the Queen of the house gets treated for the royalty that she is. Flowers and cards and gifts are given, some received in person or through a phone call or delivered by the USPS – and some are even shared through nostalgic memories of the past because that Momma has made her way to be with Jesus.

And in some homes, there’s grief of a recently past mom, a woman longing to be a mom, or a woman battling forgiveness for a mom who never was there or didn’t meet the expectation needed.

But in all homes, I pray this Mother’s Day there’s a grateful spirit that transcends flowers and gifts or even grief. I pray that we’re each able to thank God for the monumental decision our mothers made to have us.

In a world where abortion is so prevalent, I’m beyond thankful that my mom gave me life and in my case – did that time and time again through her constant care, love, and belief in me.

So, to do what I feel I do to “gift” anyone – heres a letter to my mom, may you read it and know how much I love you.

dear mom,

i don’t remember being born (obviously) but I’ve seen pictures of my early days and in all the pictures I can’t help but notice one thing – the way you looked at me. You stared at me like I was the most precious and valuable thing to you. You looked at me, held me, and cared for me better than you did yourself. Even moving at a young age, you always were thinking of me and sis before yourself. You took me to school, you watched my band programs, congratulated me when I got into GT, and consoled me when I couldn’t find a dress for my first Valentine’s dance. You held my hands to pray, brushed my long curly hair, and tucked me in night after night. All the while with the same staring look of love and adoration.

I’m 27 now and a lot has changed. I’ve traveled thousands of miles, graduated college, helped found a ministry, and countless other things – yet whenever I come home, that same look meets me at the door to say hello and waves goodbye at me as I drive off.

This Mother’s Day I wanted you to know that no matter where I go or who I become, I’ll forever hold that look of adoration in my heart.

One day we’ll have that mother/daughter bridal picture I long for so much and I’ll let it accompany this letter, and then hopefully a generation photo of when I have kids, and then only God knows what other memories and milestones we have yet to share – but I know for sure one thing that will be present in all of them – you with that steady look of love and admiration.

I love you, Mom and I pray you always feel loved and adored – because you so very much are.

Happy Mother’s Day



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