My Life Purpose Statement

My Life Purpose Statement

“My purpose is to use the gifts and talents God has given me to love people well, no matter their status. To forgive the highest faults against me, quickly and graciously. To work with excellence in the corporate world, with the foundation not based in greed, power, or fleshy desires – but in order to proclaim Jesus by consistently becoming more humble, increasing in joy, and always giving honor and respect to all whom I encounter. 

My purpose is to steward my time, health, and finances to glorify the Lord, in order that, all that I am given can immeasurably more be given back to Him and His Kingdom. To see women of all ages, set free, redeemed, rebuilt, and reclaimed to their intended purpose and identity in Christ Jesus. To see men, of all ages, be encouraged, affirmed, and honored as a sister, wife, daughter, mother, and friend in Christ. To assist and aid The Church in whatever way I can towards an even greater missional mindset of “Go Forth Into All The Nations.

And finally, my purpose is to love every single person with the intention of drawing their hearts towards Christ Jesus. That at the end of my life, all the ones that were meant to come to heaven through my time on earth, will follow suit.”

Jessica M. Pittman

September 2015


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