My GPS Moments: “God. Please Show Up”

“God – please, can you show-up?” 

Have you been here? In a place of desperation. A place where, if you are like me, you’ve finally realized all fleshly-attempts at finding out what is next, how to move on, and more so – attain His will in our time has proven more-than-so, unsuccessful.

We are tired – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Though we have spent hours exhaustively crying out to God for help – most of the time our prayers are for Him to show up when, how, and the way WE THINK is right and correct for HIS plan for our life.

Because, we are human, we can’t see what He can. We can’t predict what He might be preventing or protecting us from. We can’t sense what He could be doing in the unseen, most of the time, because we are so focused what ISN’T happening in the seen.

And you know what? I thought eventually in my life this would get less and less complicated for me. But then I realized, everybody is waiting on their own GPS moment – it just looks different.

The 16 year old is waiting for their GPS moment to discover who they want to be.

The 18 year old is waiting for their GPS moment to pick a college.

The 21 year old is waiting for their GPS moment to define their moral choices.

The 25 year old is waiting for their GPS moment to help guide their career path. 

The singles are waiting for their GPS moment in waiting for their spouse. 

The engaged couples are waiting for their GPS moment in their sanctification process.

The married couples are waiting for their GPS moment in aligning their new life with God’s will for them.

Then it’s all the same when you have kids, grand kids, and so on. 

Everybody is looking for their GPS moment. So, what that tells me is that the waiting will never cease, but our perspective of it should change. 

We have to learn how to wait patiently on the Lord.

“Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him…” Psalm 37:7

“…I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry.” Psalm 40:1

It’s not going to be an overnight success. It won’t be an attribute that is perfect, but it does mean each day it can’t be perfected. You see, in the waiting, our attention doesn’t need to be on what we lack, need, or desire – it needs to be on Him and Him alone.

“But seek FIRST his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

It’s amazing how many times God has to remind me of this scripture. Anytime my focus is too much on the seen (and/or unseen) horizontal landscape of my life – He gently reminds me that the answer will not lie in my present reality or lack – my answer will only be found in Him.

Today, I sit here with not a clue in the world what my next few months will look like. There will be a lot of possible moves, weddings, engagements, babies, and so many more expressions of my twenties. But what God showed me this morning, is just as I put in an address into my actual GPS system and hope that it directs me where I need to go – I need to have the same assurance that the Author and Perfecter of my life will not lead me astray, and will not guide me off-course. And each day that I put my address to be towards Him, He will always show up – it may not look like how I thought, it may not be exactly the timing I feel as if I need – but there will never be a question that He isn’t there help me wait a little longer, hold on tighter, or be strengthened even more. The truth is – we don’t know what this season is truly preparing us for next – but if we rush ahead, we won’t learn what we need to here in the now.

He is faithful to show up – we just have to be faithful to go to Him first. 

  1. What right now is your GPS moment?
  2. Have you asked God if your wants/desires for ________ is His will?
  3. What is holding you back from going to Him first?
  4. Where is fear, doubt, and unbelief playing a part in this season? 

I encourage you – don’t let the lack in your eyes be a depiction in a lack on God’s heart for you. He will deliver what He has promised, but if you don’t trust that His timing, ways, and provisions are good, your waiting will be much harder than our sweet God ever intended.

“Father God, I ask that you would sweetly, gently, but firmly – drill these truths into our hearts. That we would learn how to wait patiently for you, for your provision, for your answers, for your promise. You are Faithful and you desire to give us the desires of our hearts – so I ask that we would believe what your Word says to be true – and not what our eyes see right now. God, I pray for every heart reading this – that they would experience a GPS moment in their life, so that, when you do show up – because you always do Abba – that all will know you are God and you are the promise-keeper. Thank you for being our ultimate GPS system and that when we align our desires, focus, and intentions to be to know You more, you do work all things together for our good and Your Glory! Amen.”

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