Dear Kate Hudson,

Dear Kate Hudson,

You don’t know me – but I do know of you. Actually, on Saturday I sat on a couch and watched one of my top favorite films of you in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. And then crazy enough, I watched Little Bit of Heaven on Netflix last night. If you hadn’t picked up on it yet – I’m single.

But nonetheless, some may call it coincidence, but as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, the story of your father disowning you was one too prevalent to just skip over.

Oliver, Bill, and Kate Hudson  Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews
Oliver, Bill, and Kate Hudson
Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Which led me to write this letter, one you may never read, but one some others in this situation, might. You see, rejection – abandonment, they are real feelings that too many in our culture have and are facing. They are deeply rooted inside of us – and if not properly identified and then pulled out – can affect everything we do, say, and ultimately – become.

You are a movie star. A beautiful woman. And from what I have read, a wonderful mom. Your legacy has been set for you in the Hollywood world – and I can even argue to say, you’ve never known anything else.

So, from me to you, non-famous girl to famous girl – you’re going to make it. This has every right to hurt, and you have the right to be hurt. I can’t imagine the pressure of success in the spotlight. But I can estimate to say that it builds walls in you to push away the pain, the hurt, the guilt, and the emotions when something like this happens. But please, just don’t do it with this one. Maybe in a cat-fight between co-stars or maybe in the way you would have handled that situation with the waiter who was so mean to you – but with this one, don’t push it under the rug and never deal with it.

Our fathers, at their very core, are meant to be the protector and providers of our life. Whether material needs, or emotional needs – they to their nature, are meant to father us throughout our entire life. To teach us our worth and that our stability isn’t based on anything or anyone – but yet on something deep within us. That our beauty shouldn’t be defined by what culture or society say as beautiful – but that from the very beginning, they say the beauty is much more than just our curly locks, slim figure, or beautiful eyes. That our beauty comes in the way we treat others, how we give to those in need, and how passionately we live out our lives as good people.

And they are meant to protect us. By shielding us from the pain and hurt of this world, by reminding us of all the good that we have and the good that most of all is within us. And that no matter what may come, they will be the strong shoulder to cry on and the arms to embrace whenever life seems to be more than we can bear.

That is the picture of a father’s love. Not to be publicly disowned. Or even be privately rejected. That was never supposed to be in the cards for you, Kate. And I truly am sorry that it is. Even if the headlines are false, or you might have lost connection with your dad long ago – there must be some pain in this, and for that I genuinely am sorry.

In conclusion, I don’t know what your religious beliefs are – but as a Christian – the only way I can truly encourage you in this time is that God is our ultimate Father. He’s the perfect Daddy. The one that stays up late to read a bedtime story even after a long day at work. The one who holds you when you cry after your first heartbreak. The one who pins your college acceptance letter on the fridge and shows everyone your senior pictures. The one who long-fully, but hesitantly, waits for the day when he gets to walk you down the aisle. Yes, He’s the Daddy that though many have failed to resemble, He’s the perfect Father.

I pray that as you read this letter – whether you ever do or not – that even as I wrote this, a pray was lifted up for your heart today. That you would know the love of our Heavenly Father and that He paid the ultimate price to purchase you, so my dear Kate – you would never be disowned by Him.


Someone Who Understands


And to all of those who read this because you longed to be loved by your father today, and everyday. Know that you are so deeply loved. And that no matter the fact that culture may label you as fatherless, you are indeed Fathered. May His love and goodness sweep in and fill that void in your heart that you are so desperately trying to fill with things of this world. My dear sweet friend, I promise – He’s the only One who can fill it.




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