Photo Credit: Mark Beeson
Photo Credit: Mark Beeson

What a strange title you may think; for a single woman to post about men worshiping. And maybe, to you, it might be. But hey, lets say you give me a chance to explain, huh?

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,  for our “God is a consuming fire.”

Hebrews 12:28-29

Last night we met for the young adult ministries night at my church just like we do almost every Tuesday. I saved seats, and I begin to mingle around until worship was to begin. As I was standing there, two of my best guy friends approached me and asked if they could sit in my row. It wasn’t “my row” as you may understand, but usually I sit with the girls from my bible study. But not this night.

As they sat down, we all realized we had never worshiped alongside each other. It was a little bit funny considering these guys are not only friends, but more like brothers to me. As worship began, and I opened my hands ready to receive from the Lord – I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “look up tonight.” 

During most of the worship set, I couldn’t keep my eyes closed as they usually stay. They were open. And as I looked up I saw these men – worshiping. I know, I know you may still be thinking, “so, it’s church and worship – isn’t that what they are ‘supposed’ to do?” And you know what, you’re right, but you are also wrong. It is church and it is worship, but there is such a difference when a man chooses to attend or participate in worship, than when He chooses to truly worship God. And for me, for my life and my past, a man worshiping as these young men did, isn’t something that is ‘normal’ to me. And honestly, I pray it never is.

You still might not get it. Let me break it down a bit. When one man worships, a marriage is changed. When one man worships, a family is founded in stability. When one man worships, a legacy is transformed. You see, when you perceive something to be the normal – you don’t see the beauty in the absence of what “could have been” without it.

This blog is written for each of my brothers – no matter if I know you or don’t. When you worship – you are not only impacting my life, but your families,  your generations, and the Kingdom of God at large.

So, don’t stop.

A woman of God (who I deeply admire) recently told me that I have a “heart for worship, and then when she watches me worship she sees a glimpse of heaven.” I was more than taken back by this – what a beautiful word to not only pray for someone, but to encourage them with. But then she said something that penetrated my heart even more. She said, “Jessica, the man you marry will have to be a worshiper just as you are – because anything less will steal the gift God has already given you.

Though these two men are just my friends and brothers – they represent to me something so much more personal. They represent the man that will be apart of my legacies redemption. They represent the father to my kids, the grandfather to my grand kids, my co-laborer to serve alongside and my warrior to stand up next to. These men – along with each of the other men who confidently and relentlessly worship the Lord – are giving me a present glimpse into the prayers I am sowing into my future. This blog isn’t about my future husband, or even about me at all – this blog is meant to inspire every single man out there – young or old that your worship – it matters and it is appreciated.

As I was thanking the Lord for these two men, a thought or a Holy Spirit whisper came across my mind – what if someone would have told my dad any of this. What if someone would have mentioned that His worship would impact his family – his legacy, would things have been different? Or even if somebody would have just encouraged him at all, that it’s okay for him to be just be him, and be him boldly – how different his life would have looked – and therefore, our families? I have no bitterness or resentment towards this man who gave me life, because there is no wound that God can’t heal and no hurt that He can’t redeem. And my love for my dad is still there, and I still pray for my dad – more than he will ever know. But I took something away from what he didn’t get to what I now have the opportunity to give. So now, I pray that the gift of words, the power of encouragement that I have been given helps alter the effect of the enemies chants, lies, and discouragements to men. I recently heard Bob Goff speak and he said something that solidified this burden of my heart; “Ladies, us males will be the men you tell us to be. You can either tear us down or you can build us up – all with what you say.” 

So, gentlemen, whoever you are – I pray this builds you up. Builds you up to encourage you to not shy away from worshiping, but that you fearlessly, boldly, and confidently approach the throne whenever you can – whether on a Tuesday night or at home first thing in the morning. Your worship – it matters. So, don’t stop. Push back the fear, the pride, and the lies that tell you anything other than what you have read above. Though I am just one woman – I know that wherever your future wife is, your kids, your grand kids, your co-workers, your community, I would like to believe and hope they would all agree with me.

Because when men worship – communities are aligned, wives are encouraged, children feel secure, and legacies are restored. And, men – isn’t that something to make you want to worship the Lord for?



your sister


{To Joseph & Conan,
May you both know the immense and purest love I have for you both. I tear up thinking of what my life would look like if I had not had the pleasure to call you each brothers. Your love for the Lord, for your families, for your friends – it speaks volumes to all who know you. May wherever life takes you both, may you always remember that you are the boldest men of God I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. May you always worship the Lord, even when it’s hard – especially when it’s hard, may you be encouraged to dream big dreams, to love relentlessly, and when you meet your wives – may she love you for all the amazing things you both have to offer. May God give you ten-fold for the gift of encouragement, protection, and community that you have given to me. I look forward to spending eternity alongside each of you.}



One thought on “WHEN M E N WORSHIP

  1. Ok. So I’m a guy commenting on something by a woman writing about men worshipping. I have a request for the women reading this. Please let you’re women friends know about what this post says! There are far too many women in churches while their husbands and boyfriends are someplace else! They won’t lose their “man card” if they come and worship. Maybe the women could even give them a special man card when they do come to church?
    Thanks for “listening”!

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