Shifts & Starbucks | A Lesson of Obedience



Sometimes you have those moments when you just feel it. When you just feel the shift. The shift that

everything in your life is about to change.

That’s what today is. Last night as I was praying about today and was overwhelmed with thankfulness at the provision of the Lord – I was at the same time hit with this feeling. There is a shift coming in my life, and it won’t be quick – but it will be timely and intentional. And you know what, I’m elated at this. My whole life I’ve planned. I’ve planned and planned and planned. So much planning that honestly I plan within my plans – are you exhausted just from reading that? I am. And that’s exactly where I was before 2014. The year where even if I had tried to plan – I would have been widely unsuccessful.

And now, in 2015 – I see why. The shifting. The shifting of what was – into what will be. The foundation of what didn’t need to be to what is and will be. And this shift is what led me to today.

Today, I begin a part time job at Starbucks. For those who know me – you might be grinning ear to ear and thinking silently, “of course.” I love Starbucks. To me, it’s not just lattes and espressos – It’s a place I look at and just feel at home. Though I have learned (slowly, but now I see) that my budget cannot afford it as many times as a week as I once thought – the place in and of itself will always hold a piece of my heart. From Denton, to New York City, to Plano, to Grapevine, it’s been with me through each and every transition of my life – big or small. And for two years – I tried and tried to work here. Off and on, but in the end – still multiple application unanswered. In my plans, it seemed perfect then.

But it wasn’t perfect until now. This next step only became possible because of – wait for it, obedience. You see, I felt God calling me to get a second job – and automatically thought of Starbucks. But the countless efforts (of my own) discouraged me from trying that route again. So I waited, and I started obeying God in the little things. Praying before going to the store and spending money, making my breakfast and lunch, and choosing each day to wake up and guard my time and His resources, well.

And then, you know what – it shifted. My obedience compelled His opening. He opened a door – and you know what, what would have taken me more than two years – took him two weeks. That’s God.

If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land.” Isaiah 1:19

So I share this with you 1) because I’m a blogger and sharing transitional seasons of my life is what this is for, but 2) and mainly, because I pray that in my lesson of shifting from planning to obedience – that you would understand the heart of God a little more. And in doing so, whatever it is you are trying to figure out – that you would:

1. Look for the shift

2. Be obedient in the little things

3. Wait for the opening

As I walk into this new beginning, I am more than hopeful that this is exactly where I am meant to be. You know why? Because I didn’t do this – He did. Do I know why now? No. Do I understand what is on the other side of this? No. Am I little scared and unnerved at the fact that I am stepping into a completely new environment? Yes. But am I excited to fully know that the God who parted seas, rose the dead, and ultimately brought something from nothing is with me in each and every step? You bet.

So, my friends – I implore you in this New Year to evaluate the shifts in your life whether people, jobs, or finances and ask God for His direction and leadership in those areas. Then, until He provides the “grand escape,” be steadfast and obedient in the little things. And then, as a friend recently told me, “let God surprise you.” Let His master plan for your life unfold in front of you. Have you ever seen Extreme Home Makeover? Well, as through a recent vision – and a few confirmations behind it, God gave me this picture. And as I write this, I think of the ending. The reveal of the house to the highly anticpated family, neighbors, and friends on the sidewalk. And all of sudden they all cheer the same phrase – MOVE THAT BUS!

Can you see it? Well, that’s how excited God is to show you what’s coming. So, as you are aware of the shift, then follow in obedience – let us all cheer for joy when He calls time to “MOVE THAT BUS. Because I promise, whatever is behind it is immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine.




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