2014: The Year of Fulfillment & Expectation



What I have learned more than anything this year – through all of the above – is that God uses each and every  moment of our lives to shape us into the men and women we are meant to be. I have no doubt that 2014 will bring new challenges and new miracles – and because of 2013, I will be more able to receive them, better equipped to carry them out, make wiser decisions, and because of my successes and failures – use whatever God does to share about Him more and BOLDLY – and I am praying, continue to love like He has loved me – without need of it in return.

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Looking Back – 2014

As I sit here on my couch watching Sex & the City (don’t judge) and write about this year, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic – and thankful. What a year. And as a best friend recently told me – maybe it’s best that I take a journey down the past 12 months and relive it for a bit.

A year full of the hardest and most painful moments – filled with some of the most beautiful, inspiring, and miraculous memories. Times when blood vessels popped in my eyes crying out wondering where, what, how, and why – followed by countless minutes of laughter, new friendships, and incredible memories. This year I found more out about who I am – and who I’m not. And the biggest thing I realized is – I’m not God. (Shocker – I know.) I can’t make anything happen, fix anyone or anything, or even make something happen that wasn’t meant to be. This year, the one thing that was fulfilled, but yet unexpected – was me.

I grew up. I gave into the fact that the God I have preached about – was the God I needed to believe in. That the dreams He has given me – are the dreams He wants to come true. That the pain and the heartache are not tears wasted – but yet that He truly is working it all together for my good. That the needs that I have – are the needs that He will meet. And that the plans He has for me is not a never-ending hamster wheel – but that eventually, the sowing will lead to a harvest.3909d84b220b99043de6c8bab13486ff (1)

It wasn’t a year of complete bliss. No, it was hard. But as a sweet best friend also reminded me, the lessons of this year will lead to what comes of next year. So, as this year comes passes by – my prayer will be that what was sown, is planted, and watered and grows a beautiful harvest of fulfillment.

So, as I take a look back – I pray that you do the same. These are a few of my favorite memories of 2014 – listed more for me, than you – but know that in each month there was goodness but pain, love yet loss, success met with failure, and heartbreak met with laughter. So – if you will, take a moment and look back with me, and then – look back for yourself and find the jewels of your own 2014.


Goodbye RuffleButts, Hello Gateway. Daniels Fast. Fasted Social Media.


Scotty McCreery, myGateway, WILD Leadership training, Amy Alise


Cross Creek Apartments, VII Urban Air Party, WILD cont…


Dinner Dates, Ranger Game with Tessa & Ami, Burton Wedding Shower, Prophetic Training


Pink Impact, More Rangers Games and More Burton Wedding Showers


Unemployment (Again), Three-Step Lessons with Justin Macke, #Galveston2K14, VII Shindig


Tubing on the River, Babysitting, #EldridgeTakes2Wedding Planning, More Cabbage


More #EldridgeTakes2 Wedding Planning, More Dinner Dates, Birthday & Housewarming Party, Houston Work Trip


#CharJessTakeSF, More Dinner Dates, More Wedding Showers, Baby Shower, Met Kate


Girls Nights, #EldridgeTakes2, Chicago &Indianapolis, #Officially26, Fall Festival, Goodbye to More Cabbage


Sheplers, Coffee Dates, Mom’s 2nd Surgery, More Dinner Dates, Thanksgiving with Kate’s Family, Six Flags Holiday in the Park


Brunch Dates, Christmas Party, Singles in the City Gala, Mom’s Surgery, Candlelight Service, Christmas at Uncle Gales


It’s amazing – as I went through my planner and remembered the dinner dates, the coffee conversations, the Rangers Games, and the many many memories including so many of whom I love so dear – I can’t help but see the goodness and graciousness of God in this year. The goodness that didn’t come in the form of a consistent job, or a ring on my left hand, or even in my bank account never going negative – no, the goodness of community, friendship, and relationships that will forever hold a special place in my heart. 2014 might have been the year where nothing seemed stable – but as I look back, it seems that in the times of the most unstable moments – the Lord provided some of the most stable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of living life with. And that my friends, is a year to be thankful for.

So, as I do every year – here is my challenge for 2015. I’m praying that as you seek His will for your life – that you would find the goodness of 2014, the seeds that were planted and allow Him to speak about the harvest of your 2015.


As God has already spoken – 2015 is the year of promise and covenant. What that means, I am yet to find out. So instead,  I’m going to pray for what I don’t know, but do want to speak into this next year.

I pray that as I have learned to be independent and not look for my joy, peace, and satisfaction in that of anyone or anything in 2014 – that 2015 would be an increase of intimacy with my sweet Savior. That as I come into 2015 I would find a new confidence that He is mine, and I am His. I pray that as I seek Him, that discipline would become a natural habit and that praying towards His vision for my life would be at the forefront of my mind each morning. That 2015 would be a year that harvests the seeds of wisdom and grace that God planted in 2014. That 2015 would bring an even greater sense of family for me – whatever He determines that to look like. I pray that in 2015 – I would make more of mission for THE Church than of my own well-being. That 2015 would draw out of me more love, compassion, kindness, and joy than ever before. And most of all, that in 2015 the dreams of writing, speaking, and praying in an anointing would increase and that those opportunities would begin to open up – whether in the seen or unseen.


What’s the challenge for yourself for 2015? I pray you look inward and find it.



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