Make the Most. #forwardfriday

“So watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get.” Ephesians 5:16 (The Message)

#LaborDay. A day of rest meant for those who labor, who work, and who strive. A holiday built on American standards of work ethic, integrity, and perseverance. Resting is hard for me. But this next week, I’m going to try to do more of it.

Also, I have friends in town. I have church. I have coffee dates. And, I have meetings that will launch a whole new opportunity for me in my life.

This is what I am doing. But how I am doing it will be different this week. God gave me the verse above as a new anthem for my life. 

1. Watching my Step

This week may I watch where I go. Watch the decisions I make. May all I do be done not in fear – but with purpose.

2.  Use your Head

Wow. Can you think of how many times we speak without thinking? We act without understanding? May I learn to ask God more for wisdom in decisions. Even the smaller ones. Finances, relationships, family, conversations, traffic stops, and even in the line at Starbucks. May I choose to use my head before doing, acting, or speaking.

3. Make the Most of EVERY chance you get

I tear up reading this one. How many moments have passed me by where I didn’t soak it in. I didn’t relish in it as much as I should. Life is short. It’s but a breath and then it’s gone. Can you relate?

Granny, Jessica, and Jennifer | Adventurous Baking

I have a picture of my Granny and Papa in my bathroom from when they are young. It’s black and white to show it’s age, but their faces show their youth. Papa remains now with age, stories, and lots of wisdom – but my Granny has been gone from us for over seven years. But as I look back, in moments, I remember Easter with her. I remember the afternoon swings, baking, sweet tea, scrambled eggs and biscuits (yum), and holding her handShe loved to hold my hand. Holding hands with her has kept my love for holding hands to be what I look forward to the most when I start dating – it will be different, but I believe the qualities will be the same. To me it signified stability, strength, comfort, and contentment. I see all this now, and I think she knew what I had not yet learned – make the most. She soaked in those moments then, so I can cherish them now. 

I want to be remembered as one who:

Gave more than she was given.

Loved more than hated.

Laughed more than cried.

Prayed more than doubted.

Believed more than feared.

Trusted more than questioned.

Every dinner spent with friends, every conversation with my mom on the phone, every deep prayer over coffee, every drive I sit in silence, and one day, every time I hold my husbands, children, grandchildren’s hand – I want to make the most of it ALL. And it starts this week.

So here’s to watching our steps, using our head, and making the most of every chance we get – that’s my personal challenge for #forwardfriday, what’s yours?


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