It’s Okay to Rejoice

Today I signeProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetd a contract to be the newest employee of More Cabbage. 7 weeks after my last day at Gateway Church.

God has a purpose. He has a plan. He has a way of doing things that make others doubt and even you, yourself feel crazy. God told me to resign from a job surrounded by people I love, and to trust in Him, the Lover of my Soul. This position at More Cabbage that I accepted, was not the one I applied for. They created it…for me.  God creates for His kids.

He tears down, only to build.

He uproots, only to plant.

He prunes, only to see us blossom.

The things in our life that we see as tragedy, change, interruptions, annoying delays – God uses them ALL for a purpose. A purpose of growth and strength. Because – if we never left where we were, how will we ever get to where we are going?

The last two weeks the hardest thing for me has been to rejoice. Yes, I know. How? Why? What?

It’s true. When your life has been a roller coaster of bad, ugly, worse, okay, bad – you seem to get used to things NOT working out – so when they do, well, you have to learn to receive it.


A word I don’t like nor would ever list as my strength. But it’s what God is teaching me. Receiving the abundance that He has promised. You know why? Because if I don’t believe the storehouse (Deut. 28:12) will be given to me, how can I preach it to you?

So guys, I’m employed. And I’m rejoicing in receiving.

Both new adventures, both new challenges, and both things I have no doubt God will use for my good and His glory.

Love you all – and thank you for walking this journey with me.


 “For the word of the Lord is right and true; HE IS FAITHFUL in ALL He does.” Psalm 33:4





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