Is Singleness a Disease?

(Loving Rant Starting…)

As I was driving this morning, I heard on a Christian radio station a topic for discussion facing this question: “Is Singleness a Disease?”

As I listened for a bit, I immediately changed the station and started praying/thinking. Guys and gals, we live in a society that is at its highest rate for divorce – but yet craving marriage? We have turned marriage into a relationship update on Facebook and Pinterest wedding come true, rather than an eternal covenant. I have been in plenty of weddings, and I love love more than some will ever know, but I would NEVER view my singleness as a ‘disease.’ Disease would imply I need some kind of ‘healing’ from it – and what, marriage is the cure? No. Singleness, even though I don’t think God ever intended it to be given a label, was never meant to be a burden – it truly is a blessing.

A BLESSING. A chance to heal before you have to heal with a husband or children getting the brunt of your unhealed heart. A chance to become the man or woman who knows who they are, how they deal with conflict, how they love someone, how they receive love, and learn as much as possible about humility, forgiveness, trust, and faith in the impossible. It’s a blessing of time. Time to realize it has nothing to do with you, but with the other person. Why would I need healing from that?

So, whatever you believe, I pray that as contemplate your current season of life – whether single, dating, engaged, or married – that you would view it as a blessing. Each new season brings new growth and new chances to become the man or woman you are meant to be – so why would that ever be viewed as a disease?

And P.s. I am not at all a feminist – I cannot wait to be swept off my feet by the love of my life. But even now I pray that he is experiencing life to it’s fullest, with full healing, love, joy, and peace in his everyday life NOW – not waiting to experience that when we get married. And when God does decide to bring us together in His perfect timing – it will be a union of two whole people – and not halves. Praise God!

(Loving Rant Over)


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