When It Really Is That Good

You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decrees.” Psalm 119:68

Have you ever had a fresh, wonderfully baked, perfectly timed chocolate chip cookie? You know, one that just came out of the oven less than five minutes prior, and you just take one bite and close your eyes and just murmur “Mhmmmm!” It really is that good…

Do you remember a time when you were with your friends driving somewhere, and that perfect song that you all know, and holds memories for each of you comes on the radio? And one by one each of you bust out in your own rendition of the best 90’s dance moves? And you stop and think, this is the life. It really is that good…

And finally, that time your most favorite country music star puts your town on his tour list. Then you are looking to order tickets, and someone you know ‘just happens’ to have VIP tickets and you get them. And if it couldn’t get any better, you go to the show only to have him point you out in the crowd and throw you 1 of 2 drumsticks with his autograph. Yeah, it really was that good…


Sometimes life is hard, sometimes life is not easy and it’s does not work out the way we intended it to – no matter how hard we try to make it that way. It just is what it is. Life just happens. Storms come, then rainbows follow. It beats you down, only to build you up. Through the last month, I have gone through this. A beat down, to a build up. Moments of heartbreak, to heart pounding joy. And when you go through these times, it’s hard to see the truth in the midst of the pain. I know, believe me, I know.


All God knows to DO or BE is good. He just is good. That’s it. Anything you are going through today, if it isn’t good right now – or doesn’t turn into good, it’s not God. It has taken me years to realize this. Years to believe that God, as my Father, is good and WANTS my good. He WANTS to bless me with immeasurably more. He WANTS to see my heart pound with joy, and He WANTS me to be given a life of goodness and love. It’s amazing to me that He chooses to love me despite my faults, failures, and future sins. Wow, do you see it, it really is that good…

But, if I am honest? Can I be honest? Okay, good. Today, in this season of my life – and most seasons prior, it has been hard for me to understand that with the good – won’t come bad. (Wow, to even right that is eye-opening to what a lie it is.It’s hard for me to look at a promise that God has said will be not only good, but great, and not cringe waiting for the bad to strike right behind it. That’s a lie, and I know it is. It’s a lie of my life that I have believed for far too long – that when God says good, He doesn’t mean, “after you go through the bad.” When God says good, He means just that, GOOD.

I can’t promise that bad won’t come, but what I do choose to believe today is that God gave me the words Fulfillment and Expectancy for 2014 for a purpose. A purpose to prove to me that sometimes, it really is JUST good. I can’t say it won’t be hard breaking a mindset I have had for years, but I can say that after seeing what I have seen in the last month, a powerful healing has begun.

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you WILL perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

It has been a wave of just sitting back and letting God, shockingly enough, BE GOD! And my friends, let me just say, though I struggle to break the mindset, I don’t struggle to understand the concept. One day, with full belief and conviction, I will proclaim to you (and hopefully you to me), that “it really is THIS good.”

Until then, may you and me together pray against the lie that with the good, comes bad – but that God in His goodness, is wanting to do just that – BE GOOD. My prayer for myself and you today and everyday is receive the good. Receive it, claim it, and hold onto it. Because my friends, it really is that good…


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