Just for Fun

Hi Guys,

I wrote this description of myself in an audition application for a social media contest. I haven’t heard anything, so obviously it wasn’t as funny as it was to me, to them. But, that is neither here nor there now, I just wanted to share it with y’all – because honestly, it’s pretty darn funny.

“I don’t just take #selfies, I am known for them. I make collages about as well as Picasso would have painted them. I run the social media for brands that focus on plants and bugs, so if I can make that fun and engaging, can you imagine me in person? I am more passionate about my life than Kim K is for North, I was a fashion major – so I obviously have an opinion, I am from Texas, so my accent is sweeter than our tea, and most importantly, I am no ‘catfish;’ what you see is what you get. #winner


Looking forward to hearing from you – but don’t ‘tweet’ me, you haven’t even met me yet!

@jmariepittman (Insta, Twitter, and Pinterest)’

That is all. Now you know who I am creatively – enjoy!


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