Dear Men of 2013,

Dear Men of 2013,

I am encouraged. 

This last week, at Seven, during the worship, I stopped. God told me to listen – so I did. What I heard took not only my breath away, but opened my eyes all in a moment. One word was spoken:


Your eyes are being opened. You are starting to see your purpose. Starting to realize that it all starts with you. God made Adam first, and then Eve from his rib. This wasn’t an accident – nothing God does is an accident. We, as your sisters, wives, and mothers, were made to be by your side. To encourage you, to honor you, to lift up your heart, both physically and spiritually; it is in our making. I believe that we are beginning to do this better – and in turn – you are able to free your minds, hearts, and spirits open to fully become the men God is calling each of you to be.

From the rib of Adam, Eve was formed (see Gen. 2:22; Moses 3:22; Abr. 5:16). Interesting to me is the fact that animals fashioned by our Creator, such as dogs and cats, have thirteen pairs of ribs, but the human being has one less with only twelve. I presume another bone could have been used, but the rib, coming as it does from the side, seems to denote partnership. The rib signifies neither dominion nor subservience, but a lateral relationship as partners, to work and to live, side by side.

– Russell M. Nelson, “Lessons from Eve,

This past Sunday, as I was worshiping, again God had me stop and listen. There it was, again, but this one was different, another word was spoken:


I want each of you to listen. If I could look each man of God in the face and tell you one thing – it would be this. You are enough. You are exactly the height, width, strength, spirit, and boldness that God has created you to be. He calls each of us to inhabit the image of Jesus Christ. For some reason, the world has twisted that in the church to state that men are to have beards, dress a certain way, be good at certain sports, etc. It is happening with us women too, so I am preaching to our choir just as much. But, don’t listen. Let the freedom you have experienced through the saving grace and abundant joy of Jesus Christ be enough for you to realize that you too, are enough.

God gave me these words for a purpose. A purpose that was one thing – to help me pray for you. There is a revival of freedom happening in this season. I have no idea what men will read this, but what I do know is that one day, you may mentor my sons, preach to my husband, and maybe, just maybe, this word will have encouraged you to press on. Don’t listen to the enemy tell you that you have to be a certain ‘type’ of minister – no, just be the minister wherever and whatever God has told you that looks like for your purpose to be fulfilled in the Kingdom.

I believe the reason God gave me that word during corporate worship was for a purpose in itself. Like I said at the beginning, it starts with you. You lead our homes, our churches, most of our government and businesses, you lead. So, I tell you and as your ‘rib’, to please step up and lead. Lead with power. Lead with humility. Lead with wisdom. Lead with boldness. Lead with honor. And most of all, Lead as Christ led. 

Men, I love you. I pray you know you are loved, you are enough,  you are free to be the men God has made each of you to be, and most of all, let the revival God is starting be ignited in all you do.

All my love,

Your Sister

{Fellow Sisters, I pray you will learn from what the Lord spoke to me on how to pray for our men. May you honor them and encourage them – don’t expect something from them that you don’t expect of yourselves. Don’t make a list of ‘who they should be..,’ because I know that we would not live up to the list that they would make for us. Know that what you wear and how you speak to them determines their decision on how to treat you as a sister. Believe in them, LET THEM LEAD, and most of all, love them as Christ loves you. They are our leaders, treat them as such.}


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