Miley Cyrus.

This will be short and sweet because I will just assume that most of us are thinking the exact same thing. What the ?

In America we thrive off knowing the in’s and out’s of the rich and famous. No matter the fact that they have the worst baby naming skills (North?), not a great history of fashion (Gaga?), and continually bring to light the hardship of marriage for all to see (Tom and Katie, Brad & Jenn, Kim K, and don’t forget, Tiger). No matter what they do, none of it seems to take our eyes off of the magazines or keep Buzzfeed from creating GIF’s.

From the performance at the VMA’s, it is safe to say that Disney will not be giving Miley a call for a Hannah Montana tour anytime soon – so, what does that mean to her? Mission Accomplished. This is exactly what Miley has been trying to tell all of us for the past few years. I, personally, could care less about her music (more of a country gal), but she has talent. Not only can she act, but she can hit notes that many of us can’t. (Don’t lie) So what happened, was it the money? The fame? The parental dysfunction? Or maybe, just maybe, you think it could have been…us?

I took the most appropriate photo I could find - it was hard.
I took the most appropriate photo I could find – it was hard.

I can’t imagine the pressure of being a celebrity. Having to be ‘on-game’ everyday and look perfect every time you step out of the house, whether you are on that ‘time of the month‘ or not. But, what I do believe is that we are all given a choice. It was her choice to dance on that stage like she was in an XXX club instead on LIVE public television. It was her choice to take a road of ‘revenge to the world‘ for her hurt and pain. She had a choice on how she wanted to project her image to the world — And so do we.

So what can we do about Miley Cyrus. Not a gosh darn thing. What can we learn from her? A few main things.

1. Choose wisely.

Know that every decision you make will affect the next and the next. Life isn’t one big decision, it is a bunch of small ones. 

2. Take the road less traveled. 

Life isn’t worth making decisions based off of emotions from your past, un-forgiveness in your present, or bitterness towards your future. Live in the now, but remember point #1.

3. You choose the image you project. 

Miley will never be able to go back. She will always be remembered for the VMA’s of 2013, just like Kanye will always be the one who interrupted Taylor, and Kim K will always be…well, Kim K. #1 and #2 will influence this one. Make sure you know who you want to be before you try to tell the world who you are. 

We can’t change what happens on TV or how others act, but we can take what we see and learn from it. Learn that life is short and that no matter what you think – there is ALWAYS someone watching you. Maybe not on the stage at the VMA’s, but another stage that is much bigger — the stage of life. Perform well my friends, you only get one shot.



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