24 & Single.

This post deserves one of those photos comparing what ‘others think I do’ and ‘what I actually do.’ If I had time I would make a picture collage – But I will do my best to explain it via words with just as much humor and truth.

(Disclaimer – these are all hypothetical comments that are not directed towards any certain person – minus my mom)

What the people I graduated high school with think I do:

Coming from a high school that is easily the size of Starbucks during rush hour, you seem to keep up with people a lot easier than any metropolitan area. Some are married, some went to college, some didn’t, some married those they dated in high school and some married the complete opposite. Some have children, and some (like me), won’t have a child anytime soon unless Jesus decides to make His second coming.

I can imagine each of them are not surprised at my dating life – which is non existent. Most likely they think I havn’t changed. I still work more hours in a week than I do anything else. But, what I can count on, when my relationship status does change, it won’t take long for KBST95.7 to be notified like CNN from the locals. (Totally exaggerated)

What my church community thinks I do:

My current home church is almost as big as my hometown, so more opposite than the previous thought, most people here only see a few things. I am there regularly and I am single. I don’t have a regular prayer partner or my fingers intertwined with another Godly gentlemen – so my Tuesday nights are more so used for checking out the young potential suitors rather than wanting to grow individually.

What my mom thinks I do:

She hears the brunt of the mistakes, failures, and most of all, random crushes that last no more than 24 hours. She thinks I have lost it and that maybe online dating might be good for her very busy and overworked daughter who desires to be married, but won’t make time to date. Basically, I will be giving her a bottle of wine for Mother’s Day just for dealing with me during this season.

What my Social Media community thinks I do:

Take Selfies.

What my past relatives think I do:

Trying to become a nun.

Lets be honest, the generation or two behind me were long married with a whole set of chillins’ running around the plantation by my age.


What I actually do:

My life is not anything TV worthy, nor is it snooze worthy.

I work day to day with everything I am to try and benefit the company I work for in many different ways – whether my attitude or hidden mission.

I spend time with friends that I genuinely love and admire. One of my biggest prayers is that I soak in all this time I have with them. Whenever that man and kids come, there will be less and less time for 2 hour phone calls or random dinner dates.

I have plenty of stereotypical coffee dates with my mentors. I grow on a daily basis from listening to their wisdom and applying it to my everyday life. They are preparing me for when my husband does come around.

Finally, contrary to all beliefs, I am not sitting at home alone eating Ben & Jerry’s watching The Notebook on repeat while journaling and asking God where my husband is. Yes, I do like ice cream and I have no problem with that movie, but I have no desire to sit and waste my life wishing for the future to come.

Yes, I do journal and ask God everyday to build me into the woman I am meant to be. Some days I pray a few more times than others for my future hubby, but most days, he gets one or two – max! God knows my heart, He knows the man I desire and the man I will be with – and for that, I have learned to trust in His timing and not my biological clock.


All my single ladies, it is wedding season, and it will be for a few months. I want you to join with me and treasure this time we have to bond with friends, learn from mentors, build our dreams, and learn about ourselves. When it is time for you and I to get married, after KBST and CNN are notified, may we remember the fullness of our singleness and not the lack thereof.

No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.” ~Barbara de Angelis


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