Today is April 9th, 2013. Currently there are 27 million men and women chained through modern day slavery.

“The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17

God saves. He redeems. He sets free the captives and He delivers those who are captured by evil into His good and loving hands. I pray that those 27 million somehow have spiritual freedom, though they may be physically captive, may their hearts scream where the Spirit of the Lord is, I am free.


Do we understand the importance of freedom? Do we understand what a privilege it is to choose what we do on a daily basis, who we marry, who we sexually engage with, and where we work? No. We don’t. I don’t. But I pray to do so more often.

This is personal. This is near and dear to my heart. My testimony runs deep into the core of sexual slavery – though by the grace of God I have never been taken against my will across national borders and sold – I have been been taken against my will within the borders of my hometown. My childhood was forever scarred by the evil and destruction of a few boys that, to take it from the comforting words of Jesus, “They know not what they did.” They will never know the pain and heartache that those impulsive actions of immaturity and blatant disgusting memories have played on my life.

I am free. Though I was at once taken, I am now and forever free, spiritually and physically. Some are not though. Some women will never be able to reproduce because of the effects of their abuse, some women will never be able to live until they are 24 like you or I, and some kids will forever be scarred with visions of themselves or their parents being sold like cattle right in front of them. This is not 4o years ago my friends, this is today. Right now.

So what do we do?

We pray. We pray. And we Partner. Partner with A21 or Love146 to end this. Pray that the men and women who are apart of this horrific ‘business’ will have turned hearts to see the light. May we pray to receive humility, pray to give humbly, and pray for supernatural healing for all those affected.

Don’t ever feel you are just one person. It just takes one to believe and have passion to start a spark and soon fire will spread to all.

Be the spark. Shine the Light. #EndItMovement 2013.


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