What I Would tell My 15 Year Old Self…

What I Would Tell my 15 Year Old Self


1. When you wonder how you magically have clothes, shoes, food, toilet paper, and money for the movie – don’t ask, just be grateful.

2. In one year you will want a car really bad and you don’t understand why your parents don’t want you to get a car with a high payment – just listen.

3. When you find yourself crying yourself to sleep because you don’t understand why that one guy won’t text you back and you think your life is ending – don’t worry, it’s not.

4. When you think that the greatest moments in life will be under the Friday Night Lights – they won’t be, greater moments are to come.

5. In 3 years when you leave Coahoma, TX you will think life will never get better – don’t worry, it will.

6. There will be that one guy that you think you are meant to marry – mostly likely, you won’t (and that is for the better).

7. There will be a group that becomes part of your family in HS but you will think you need to run naked down the street at 16 – please don’t, for all of your future children’s sake. 

8. You might find it hard to open up to your friends and let them know your deepest secrets and scars – just do it, they will love you and respect you more for it. 


9. When the beer gets passed around and you feel ‘lame’ for passing it up – don’t, beer guts are never attractive. 

10. Love the heck out of every single person you know. You have no idea how short life is and how many people you go to school with won’t make it to your 10 year reunion.

11. Let your mom hug you and love on you – she will miss you so much when you are gone.

12. Dream big – those dreams you have stored away will come true.

13. Don’t skip that meal or “go to the bathroom” after a meal – you are beautiful and you will get even prettier each and every year.

14. It’s okay that you don’t understand why you don’t have a boyfriend and every other girl does – it’s just not your time and God is specifically hiding your heart for someone amazing (I promise you on this one).

Last, and most importantly

sister15. Try to cherish every moment with your sister. She loves you and looks up to you oh so much, and soon you won’t be around to give her the big sister lectures that she will desperately need. Tell her you don’t ever want her to be alone. Tell her you admire her heart for children and the love she has for your dad.Tell her that she will be okay when you leave for college.

Most of all, don’t ever let her go a day without telling her you love her. 

I am now 24. I don’t know everything nor do I claim to be trying to be the “knower of all things.” What I do know is my life. My life of ups and downs, amazing moments of miracles and hard moments of devastation. We can all say “what if” or we can realize that every moment makes us who we are meant to be. I realize now so many things that back when I was 15 were so foggy and dark. Everything seemed so hard and every moment I thought would freeze time. The fact is, it is 9 1/2 years later and I still struggle with half the things on this list (minus the streaking) and times I still forget to cherish every moment and tell my sister I love her. But what I do know is that my eyes are no longer fogged or clouded with darkness – they are open and bright.

I hope this will help you analyze yourself and see how far you have come. Whether you are 15 now, 24, or 35 – it is always good to realize what has made you into the man or woman that you are.

What would you tell your 15 year old self? 


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