Motivational Monday: Featured Blog “Can Someone Be ‘Too Good’ For You”

Hello All,

Some of you get my e-mails, so if you do this will be a lot like the one I just sent.

I found this blog today and honestly – it was the most perfect timed read I have ever read – minus God’s word!

I needed this. More so, I think our generation needs this. I pray that every heart and soul would capture this blog post and understand the beauty, reality, and truth behind the words spoken. It not only spoke of what of our past being a hindrance, but of our own insecurities being a blockade to a life that God is trying to establish in us and through us – via relationships.

No matter what we have all done – in Christ we are set free.

Our sins are from the East to the West. He knew our sins and still died for them. He chose death so we could choose life. He chose torture so we could choose freedom. He chose the cross so we could choose Heaven. And now, we have to choose to forgive because He first forgave us – not only others, but also ourselves. 

I am learning all of this. Everyday…Especially Today.

We give our past more power than it deserves. We look backwards rather than forward, remembering every sin we’ve committed, every misdeed, every embarrassment. With each remembered indiscretion the chasm between us and the person we care for widens. We cannot forgive ourselves for the things we’ve done so we imagine they couldn’t possibly forgive us either. We deny ourselves grace and kindness, allowing our heart and soul to become embroiled in guilt and shame and loneliness.

They deserve better, we tell ourselves.

You deserve better. You deserve an amazing love story. Not a perfect one or a fairy tale. But a real romance between two people choosing to love each other not despite your past, but because of it. Because your past brought you here to this moment with this person, and you deserve to be happy. You deserve to take a chance.

May you be encouraged. As I was.


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