First thing to note, if you didn’t notice, I have a new blog. It was designed by the ever-so talented Samantha Jo Berry. If you don’t know who she is or what she writes – get ready for your life to forever change. Check out her wonderful blog here and be ready to laugh, cry, be moved to improve in the same blog post. Genius writing at its finest.

To continue. If you have been absent for the last 10 days, its 2013. A year of new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams, and a new set of lists to accomplish.

1. I will complete many 5K’s  and preferably accomplish a Triathlon and 1/2 Marathon! God give me Strength!

2. Moving. Don’t know to where or with whom, but my lease is up in May and I know change is coming.

3. Promotion. Claiming it.

4. Loving more all around. Showing and receiving it.

5. Most Exciting – is that I am most-likely (God-willed) going to Honduras in July for a mission trip.

There are plenty more and most things I do this year will be last minute and by God’s grand and wonderful design. So until then, this year has already proved to be one of a kind and life-changing.

To close, I leave you with this prayer for 2013 that God so graciously gave to me.

“Until I come, Wait Unto Me,

Serve with Perseverance, Learn in Wisdom

Grow in Truth, Walk in Boldness

Live in Passion, Serve with Zeal

Always Pray, Love without Limits, 

To Thine Be the Kingdom, The Power, the Glory, Forever.” 


May you take these words and keep them close to your heart and forever remember this year that you can do all things.

2013 #Year2Remember


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